Gameplay Journal Entry #6

Sydney Devaney
1 min readFeb 23, 2021

I love the idea of artistic glitches. I find it so interesting how the imperfections of todays technology can serve as more than a “bug” or “failure”. The glitch I chose to examine today is a glitch installation by Sabato Visionti. It is a booth that makes the people and places on the screen appear as a glitch. He was inspired by the traditional photo booths found at weddings and other parties, as well as the selfie age we’re living in.

According to this weeks reading, this installation as a “Glitch-alike”. It is a “collection of digital artifacts that resemble visual aspects of real glitched found in their original habitat” (Moradi 2004, 9–10). Sabato Visconti creates the dysfunction of the glitch himself using a special processing system. Even though the installation is a glitch, the aesthetic features create a narrative for the viewers. The reprogramming of the technology to create the glitch artwork opens up a new possibilities of the digital age we are living in.

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