Gameplay Journal Entry #10

One topic I am passionate about it pollution and how it is effecting our world. I was thinking of making a game where the player answers trivia questions about pollution and then receives points/rewards for getting them right. Another gameplay idea I had was for a player to run away from different things that cause pollution. I am also thinking of focusing on how pollution effects ocean life. The player could be a turtle and he/she has to dodge the different trash in the ocean while they’re swimming. I’m still not exactly sure on how I would translate this topic into a game, but will continue to research.

Another topic I am thinking about focusing on is fast fashion. Fast fashion is so bad for the environment, and not to mention the (usually) unfair conditions that the employees work in. It depletes non-renewable sources, emits greenhouse gases, and uses great amounts of water and energy. An idea for gameplay could be the player chasing after fast fashion companies and stopping them from harming the environment. A third idea I have is to create a game around the value of technology and how it is becoming part of our world. I was thinking of making computers/phones/tablets the “villains” of the game and chase after the player.



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